Ooops…gotta go!

Business calls up in Chicago, but I’ll be back on Monday with more cannelés! In the meantime let’s enjoy a few selections that reflect the new wave of acoustic music that’s currently sweeping the globe. Specifically a little of the gypsy, Django Reinhardt-inspired melodies of Monsieur Periné. Lovely, no? My favorite gang of acoustic master musicians is Hot Club of Cow Town (also doing well on the Continent these days). They inject a little Texas twang into theirs, but what I ask you could possibly be wrong with that? These guys can play. As a one-time rockabilly upright bass player myself, I love how that man can slap! Back soon – Joe.

6 thoughts on “Ooops…gotta go!”

  1. Dear Mr. Joe Pastry,
    Thank you 100x for this wonderful website!! I stumbled upon your website while being frustrated that the cupcake recipe I found from a famous, U.S. domestic goddess failed flat (albeit the cute design of the frosting). I followed your tips and tricks, followed the Yellow butter cake recipe, chocolate butter cake recipe and SMBC and they turned out wonderful the first time around, in time for my son’s birthday party!! Thank you again for making the party a success.


    1. Great news, Claire! Very happy to help. I know that domestic goddess, and her designs are a lot better than her recipes most of the time. Come back again and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

      – Joe

  2. Oh yeah, nothing like a speedy ditty to quench the stress-induced fires of the work week. As a long-time student of Django Reinhardt those kids with the melodihorn and cajon were a fun listen, but I can’t find ’em on the Slacker. Hot Club is!

    1. Amen, Dave. If you’re a Django head you might also check out a fun combo from Asheville, North Carolina called One Leg Up. They may be a little obscure, but their recordings are on CD Baby. Great bunch of musicians!

      – Joe

  3. Great baking music . . .’specially love Monsieur Perine! Thanks for the music tips!!

    1. Hey Tonia!

      It’s excellent cannelé-making music, that’s for sure. I can use the pick-me up! 😉

      – Joe

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