On Meat-Eating Pineapples

Reader Barbie writes:

Loved the egg enyzme post, Joe. But it made me wonder: are there any other chemical traps that might be out there, waiting to spring on an unsuspecting pastry maker?

That’s a good question, Barbie. Other than carnivorous pineapples, I can’t really think of any.

6 thoughts on “On Meat-Eating Pineapples”

  1. Well, those pineapples must be doing their best to keep me away from them as I become very ill after eating fresh pineapple. I always wondered why as it seems to be a rare occurance in people and I could never find an exlanation for it. I am weary of always asking restaurants to leave pineapple out of fruit cups and I can’t even think of making all of those lovely fresh pineapple desserts that are absolutely everywhere.

    1. I wonder if the bromelain had something to do with it! Hmm…maybe it is a defense mechanism after all!

      – Joe

  2. Oh man…. I thought SpongeBob was in big trouble for a minute! 😉
    Thanks for all the informative posts this week. I have learned a whole lot. No yoke! (awww common! it had to be said this week with all the egg talk)


    1. If bad puns were a crime they’d have hung me a long time ago, Eva. Still I briefly thought of banishment after that one. Yow…;)

      – Joe

  3. And carniverous papaya (pawpaw) containing papain, and kiwifruit which contain actinidin. Kiwifruit in a marinade will turn steak into soup fairly quickly.

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