This flatbread stuff is fun. Let’s do some more! Roti, I’m thinking. Or maybe I’ll switch cultures altogether and do some lavash. Hmm…

10 thoughts on “Next?”

      1. I understand. I have just never been able to master the filled indian breads – they end up falling apart or way too thick. It’s quite the art.

        1. American flours give the traditional recipes that drier, more crumbly texture. It’s part of what I was trying to defeat with my improvisation. Can you get hold of some atta? That will likely do the trick.

          – Joe

  1. Since it’s Passover and I can’t eat a lot of these delicious-looking breads, what about the ultimate flatbread AKA matzoh? 🙂

  2. I’ve never managed to make a really good lefse. Some guidance would really be appreciated.

    1. Hi Philip!

      This may not make it in the running for this topic, but it’s an excellent idea that I promise to return to.


      – Joe

  3. Have you ever heard of Lepinja or Lepina, sort of a fluffy pita bread, that is baked?? It is served with homemade sausages called cevapcici. I think it is a Bosnian Bread?? Maybe you could do a segment on this type of bread !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. That sounds amazing, Barbara. I’ll have a look! There are so many flatbreads I want to make, I’ll have to return to this subject soon.

      – Joe

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