Next Up: Naan

Those of you who follow my bread posts know I tend to favor simple, same-day breads. Naan is one of those, and once you try it you’ll find it habit-forming. Mrs. Pastry is making Indian food tonight, so let’s do this thing!

10 thoughts on “Next Up: Naan”

  1. Be still my heart! What is better than the simple soft, sweet, charred, blistered perfection of naan?!

    I’ve got a very nifty recipe for naan dough but I have never managed the fabulous char that comes from a tandoor.

    I would love to see how you do yours, Joe.

    1. Hi Rainey!

      I hope to demonstrate that in the next day or so, Rainey, and without the use of a tandoor or wood oven. Keep your fingers crossed!

      – Joe

  2. Hi Joe:

    I love Naan, especially garlic and all types of Indian vegetarian foods. Can’t wait to see your recipe.

  3. Um, yes please! My family has become ‘groupies’, so to speak, as there’s been some very positive reviews of the recent attempts at baozi and pita bread… naan is VERY high on the list. Make it so!

    1. Aye aye Captain!

      God save us geeks. Glad the recipes are working out, Roger! Keep me informed!

      – Joe

  4. Think you could get a guest post out of your wife on that Indian food? (And I got to ask, how are you posting from tomorrow, at 2:35 in the morning – maybe a guest post on making that time machine too?)

    1. I’ll ask her, Naomi! But the physics of Joe are odd and mysterious. I operate in a space-time continuum that peeks in and out of the visible universe, so that I can go back in time and fix frosting cracks in old posts before any of my readers notice.

      Of course it could also be that the clock on the blog was originally set to Greenwich Mean Time and I’ve never changed it. I can’t decide.

      – Joe

  5. *whispers* Indians rarely make naan at home. *runs away to squirm in not so secret shame for loving shop bought naan*

    1. This is a no-shame zone, Malini. I buy pizza most weekends…in Kentucky no less! Don’t tell any of my friends back home in Chicago, OK?

      – Joe

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