Next Up: Mont Blanc

It’s time for a French/Italian classic it seems to me. If you’ve ever seen a dessert that looks like a small heap of whole wheat spaghetti with a dusting of powdered sugar on top, that’s it. The pastry is supposed to resemble the southern, Italy-facing side of the tallest mountain in the Alps, indeed in the entire European Union. Chestnut cream over Chantilly cream on a meringue and/or sponge cake base. So if you’ve got your cleats on, we’re ready for the ascent. First we’ll establish a base camp at 10,000 feet…

8 thoughts on “Next Up: Mont Blanc”

  1. The one time I had this there was a large wad of some oddly flavored sponge cake with chestnut cream on top & meringue used as icing. It was not something I ever cared to have again. Having read your recipe it looks like I got snookered by the kitchen. I probably won’t make it but its nice to see what it should be.

    1. Really? Have you even made it before? I know chestnuts are popular in Japan so it makes sense.

      – Joe

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