Next Up: High Ratio Cake

So many readers have asked for Joe-tweaked high ratio cake recipes that, well…what can I say? I need to give the people what they want. I’ll do a yellow and a chocolate since there have been tons of requests for both. That kringle really is vanishing in the rear view mirror. Oh well, I tried. Sorta.

4 thoughts on “Next Up: High Ratio Cake”

  1. Joe
    You mentioned high ration cakes in relation to huge, sculpted cakes that need structure. But what about tiny cakes that need to travel long distances? While this discussion was taking place, I was delighted to learn that the Philly treat, TastyKakes, have arrived in Nashville and I don’t have to get them via mail order any more. The fact that I can get them anytime I want is of some concern, but as I was enjoying a Butterscotch Krimpet, I realized the texture is exactly as you described the high ratio cake. These have a wonderful taste with no hints of chemical and are much, much better than Twinkies. Do these qualify as high ratio as well?

    1. Hey Linda!

      Oh yes, durability is a big deal for anything being shipped. I remember one of my college summer jobs was in the test kitchens at Keebler, just doing some manual labor and odd jobs. There was a vertical track on the wall with a clamp and a crank. We’d attach a case of cookies, raise the box however many feet off the ground (it went up to about sixteen feet or so), release the clamp and drop it. Then I’d have to open the each box in the case, count the unbroken cookies, the broken cookies, the pieces and the crumbs. What a job that was! The moral of the story: go to college, kids.

      But durability is important in cakes as well as rigid things like cookies. I’m quite confident that just about any cake that’s made commercially and shipped is high ratio, just so it doesn’t arrive at its destination crumbled or compressed. As I’ve mentioned there are many gradations of high-ratio. It was probably a high quality version if it tasted that good! Thanks for the comment!

      – Joe

      1. You worked with elves???? How cool is that! No wonder your baking skills are so magical.

        1. Hehe…yeah that’s where I picked it all up! Few people know this, but in the kitchen that Ernie cusses like a sailor!

          – Joe

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