Next Up: Gold Cake

Any time my mother’s mother made angel food cake, you could always count on gold cake as a follow-up. After all, it was the perfect way to use up the leftover yolks. It’s not what you’d call a “classic” preparation in the wider world of pastry, but it sure was at grandma’s house.

7 thoughts on “Next Up: Gold Cake”

  1. You have to appreciate the sensibility in that. I will have to keep this one too. Sounds like a great cake with 12 egg yolks. Too bad they can’t already be cooked. I have a few dozen in the freezer to use in something. Thanks for the idea. Now I won’t have to wait for those 12 to accumulate in the freezer to make angel food. I can do it then this one!! Are you talking chiffon cakes after this one??? 🙂

    1. Hm…wasn’t planning on that, but chiffon cakes are a subject I also need to tackle soon!

      – Joe

      1. I will have to try that one. Perfect timing with strawberries ripening in Oregon. I just made and delivered a fresh strawberry chiffon cake. Looked and smelled great. I’ve made a few other versions. I look forward to that one when you get to it.

        Thanks Rainey for the link!!

  2. When I’ve used a lot of egg whites I go to my ice cream recipes to use up the yolks. If I’ve just made an angelfood cake I can tell myself I’m entitled to the ice cream because the cake is so low fat. ;>

    Linda- I’ve you’ve cooked your extra egg yolks look for James Beard’s strawberry shortcake recipe which uses sieved cooked egg yolk. I haven’t tried it myself yet but people rave about it and did James Beard ever do anything that wasn’t yummy?

    Joe, did you do that recipe here last summer? I’m foggy about the places I’ve seen it.

    1. I’ve gotten some ideas from Joe’s blog and added them to various cakes to use them up. I have a lot but I haven’t tried this shortcake recipe or any sandy textured cookie that I have heard use cooked egg yolks. I keep them in the freezer but they thaw quick to use in a recipe.

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