Next Up: Cannelés

These little unleavened rum cakes have been the bane of my pastry existence for years. So much so that the mere sight of my molds gives me a nervous tic and/or attack of Turret’s syndrome. “Aw, #@$%&*!!!”

It’s only been lately I’ve come up with a solution that may solve my exploding cannelé problem. Let’s hope so, otherwise it’s going to be a salty week on Joe Pastry, friends. You may need to cover your ears.

8 thoughts on “Next Up: Cannelés”

  1. Yay! I’m glad you took on the challenge.

    If you get a chance, can you report on the comparative difficulty between this and the other recipes you’ve conquered on this site? I’d be curious to know.

    1. Sure, Mari. I think. You’re curious about what some of the most difficult pastry recipes are…at least in my experience?

      – Joe

  2. I don’t think the respect you’ve earned among us readers would be shaken even if you failed. And I’m probably biased since I remain equally unimpressed with canneles as I am with macarons, but sometimes things are difficult exactly because they aren’t all that worthwhile :).

    1. I thank you for that, Dani. And well said. Sometimes the elite satisfaction of mastering an obscure taste treat isn’t worth the time, expense and trouble. Canneles certainly can be put in that category. For me they’re a white whale, which is why I’m chasing them round the Norway maelstrom and round perdition’s flames. Otherwise…I might not. 😉

      – Joe

  3. I’m pretty sure, like 95% sure, that Sherry Yard has a recipe for Canneles
    in one of her two books, and her recipes are usually perfection. I’ve had a bad fall and can’t get up to verify for you, sorry.

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