Next Up: Butter Spritz Cookies (Spritzgebäck)

I haven’t had good butter “spritz” cookies since I left Chicago. As a kid in the suburbs I could pretty much always count on at least a few coming in the front door during the Great Christmas Sweet Exchange. Failing that, good ones could usually be found in just about any ethnic bakery: German, Swedish, Bohemian, Italian, you name it. Because really good ideas, let’s face it, know no ethnic boundaries. I can tell you, I’m looking forward to this!

11 thoughts on “Next Up: Butter Spritz Cookies (Spritzgebäck)”

  1. Oh, goodie! I’m sitting here with no less than 6 recipes for butter cookies and all are just similar enough to make choosing one difficult. They all have varying amounts and types of sugar and flour/cornstarch combinations and a few have egg or egg yolk.

    1. Hopefully this will make the decision easy, Susan! All you need is a pastry bag, a couple tips and a fair amount of butter!

      – Joe

  2. I was actually given an old cookie press a few years back, which I’ve never used – this looks like a great reason!

  3. Joe, you’re invoking memories of my Nana for me now. She used to make spritz cookies several times a year, and always at Christmas, when she turned into veritable spritz factory. I haven’t had any since she died many years ago.

    I may need to hop aboard this one.

  4. Mom was a huge Christmas cookie baker, she kept all 7 counties supplied I think! I have all her old recipes and we do a poor imitation of her efforts every year.

    I have one special one that I share with people who care about baking, not sure if you want to go that route (recipe exchange) but I’d love to give you my Wasp’s Nest recipe. I love the looks on people when they eat their first one, most have never had a cookie anything like it before.

    1. I would be beyond delighted to receive a recipe from you , Frankly! If you’re up for it so am I, definitely.


      – Joe

  5. Oooooooh. I’ve made Cooks Illustrated’s spritz cookies and was successful just once. Either the dough is too stiff to pipe or it goes all shapeless in the oven. :-(. The flavor though is always good but these cookies require great presentation too.

    Much happy anticipation here!

  6. Oh yes please, I was given a cookie press and thinking about recipes and the first one I tried I was NOT impressed with, so now I was wondering where to go next… 😛

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