Making Kringle…Again

A strip-style kringle is more of an American (or at least a Racine, Wisconsinite) thing, though reader Jo recently sent me a link to a picture of a Danish chocolate kringle that was done this way (thanks, Jo!). As you can see it’s a whole different presentation, though you can prepare it using the same ingredients as before. You simply lay out your dough piece and spread your filling down the middle. You may need to roll it a little wider, just so everything fits.

You fold the top third down…

…and the bottom third up.

I cut mine in half so it fit a bit better on the sheet, but a U-shape would have definitely been in-bounds. All you do at this point is paint it with egg wash, proof, paint and bake like a regular kringle.

About to here. I didn’t put on any topping obviously, but a little streusel would probably be a good call here.

I gotta admit, though chocolate isn’t traditional, it’s pretty darn good kringle.

Oh yes, darn good indeed….

7 thoughts on “Making Kringle…Again”

  1. I lived in Madison, WI for five years and office-mates were constantly bringing in kringle to share — I couldn’t stand the stuff! Every single kringle I ever tried was so sickeningly sweet, with gummy, doughy pastry, gloppy jam filling and a thick drizzle of sweet white icing. Blech! Still, your kringle posts are making me think of giving it a try at home, if only to expunge the memories of horrible kringles past. *shudder* Anyway, my point was supposed to be that the kringle I always saw in Wisconsin was sort of this style with the open top, but even more so. Usually there’d only be a little rim of pastry around the sides with most of the filling down the middle exposed. And it was always in a complete oval shape.

    1. Never having had kringle in Madison I can’t speak to that, Phoebe. I know there are better kringles to be had in Wisconsin. But it’s true that sometimes they’re not made very well…pie crust bottoms and chewy tops…not my cup of tea. I promise this one is different!

      – Joe

  2. Sorry you had a horrible experience, Phoebe. I’ve only had kringles from one particular shop (can’t recall the name of it as a vendor sends them in). Those aren’t terribly sweet or gummy. I guess it’s like anything. A donut is not always a donut. 🙂

  3. Looks darn tasty. I like the ratio of crust to filling. A re-Kringle blog isn’t a bad thing!

    1. Re-kringling. I love that as a verb. I’m going to use that, Linda!

      – Joe

    1. I suppose it is a bit in fact. It’s a different animal, really.A little less fluffy this way, but a bit more flavorful and textural.

      Try’em both!

      – Joe

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