Lou, We Hardly Knew Ye

Music lovers are all feeling a little blue today having lost Lou Reed yesterday. None are feeling bluer than Mrs. Pastry who’s been a Lou Reed fan since long before we ever met. His records were the soundtrack of her years in Manhattan, which she regards as some of the best of her life. She hadn’t met me yet, so that only stands to reason. Do yourself a favor and listen to a little Lou today. This is my favorite track of his, off of Rock n’ Roll Animal. Not only is it a trademark tune, it’s a vivid illustration of what great musicians Lou always had playing with him. Notice how they all have fun strutting their stuff, jamming for the first few minutes, then they all lock in together just as Lou takes the stage. That’s rock n’ roll, baby!

4 thoughts on “Lou, We Hardly Knew Ye”

  1. I loved Mott the Hoople’s cover of Sweet Jane. It’s slicker and faster than Lou Reed’s version, but they both rock.

  2. If it is any consolation, Lou Reed left the world much more than even his greatest fans, like Mrs. Pastry, may have realized. Most people know that the cascade of changes that lead to the end of communism in what is now the Czech Republic was called the “Velvet Revolution.” What they may not appreciate — I certainly didn’t until yesterday — is that the movement was named for the Velvet Underground. This article http://www.newrepublic.com/article/115367/how-lou-reed-inspired-velvet-underground tells the story — and it’s one in which the much-beloved “Sweet Jane” plays a central role. Talk about the power of art to change the world!

    1. I do indeed remember that….that the early movement dissidents were united by their love for the Velvet Underground…or something along those lines, no? I’ll enjoy this, thanks reader Lee. And continuing apologies for the disaster of three weeks ago.

      – Joe

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