Let it Snow

Things have slowed down a bit here in pastry land since the first of the snows hit on Thursday. A mere four inches sent Louisville reeling, but gave the girls their first taste of sledding and snowball fighting in years. Mrs. Pastry and I certainly aren’t impervious to fun, so we’ve been along for the ride the whole way. It snowed another inch this morning which was enough to close schools, so we layered up and headed for the hills. As the father of a six-year-old and a nine-year-old I’m becoming acutely aware of how fast kids grow up, so I’m not missing any of this. There’s always more time for baking.

9 thoughts on “Let it Snow”

  1. We had some good friends move from Minneapolis to Louisville several years ago. A few weeks after they move they got a big snow fall. We talked to them on the phone & had some laughs. They said the TV news was reporting the city was relying on their standard snow removal technique – wait until spring! Travel was restricted to those with chains or studded tires. Our friends made $1000 by selling their tire chains to a neighbor who worked at a liquor store, he made his money back making home deliveries.

    1. Tire chains! I haven’t seen those since I lived in the Cities myself. You could only use those in extreme circumstances as I recall, since they’re not legal for street use (like tire studs). I myself got a big laugh during a snowfall when we moved here from Chicago ten years ago. There was a snow plow pushing slush around in a grocery store parking lot and the sight of it drew a crowd.

      Are your friends still down here or did they move back North where it’s safe?

      – Joe

      1. The moved to upstate NY when Whirlpool was shrinking – then to Flint MI. So they have dealt with snow ever since. Our daughter moved to Winter Park CO and chains are a pretty common site there but I have not seen them in years around here.

  2. You have your priorities straight, my man! My boys are 27 and 29, but we still play golf and street hockey at every opportunity, familial obligations notwithstanding!

    1. Good for you, Dave! I have no idea what I’ll be doing with the girls when they’re in their 20’s. I hope they’ll still be talking to me after their teens, which I’m fearing. Nice to be reminded that there’s life on the other side of high school and college! 😉

      – Joe

  3. Really? Schools will close if it snows 5 inches?? I wish we had the same here (the schools here wouldn’t close even if it snowed 20 inches…)

    1. They have no equipment or salt to deal with it. But yeah, it was like that in Minneapolis when I lived there. You needed feet before schools would close.

      – Joe

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