I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I’ve tried…

But it’s true. Nothing rhymes with “orange”.

19 thoughts on “I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I’ve tried…”

  1. Sporange
    1.(in ferns and lower plants) a receptacle in which asexual spores are formed.

    Why yes, yes I am a smart as . . . tonishing guy 🙂

    1. Oh come on. Would anyone ever rhyme “orange” with “sporange” in anything other than an academic paper? Anyway I’m starting to think you made it up.

      1. Orange has nearly no perfect rhymes but the only word that rhymes with orange is sporange, an extremely rare alternative form of sporangium. Silver is also another word for which it is nearly impossible to get an ideal rhyme and the only word is the rare word chilver.
        From ask.com

        Frankly is right, 🙂

        Also, Eminem manages, in his own way 🙂

        1. I had no idea you were also a rapper, Warren. The things I’ve learned about you these last few years!

          That’s a fun piece. Thanks!

          – Joe

    1. I think there’s a button on my software that allows me to ban commenters who employ abusive puns, Linda. Don’t make me use it.

      – Joe

  2. You can rhyme things with it in French though!

    Mélange is so far the only thing my brain is coming up with right now. It is almost 1AM and I’ve been up since 6:30AM, so that might be a factor. . .

    1. Don’t hurt yourself, Katherine!

      Also, Warren supplied an Eminem video clip that you’ll find entertaining. Have a look!

      – Joe

      1. oh poop – sadly my canadian-ness is working against me and i cannot view the video 🙁

    1. I like Eminem’s “door hinge” rhyme the best I think. That’s pretty much right on the money!

      – Joe

  3. I have a friend who once rhymed “orange” in a song with “door hinge”. I think he did it on a dare, but it mostly worked.

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