It’s just as much fun as frisbees!

What choux batter reminds me of the most is a groovy bubble-blowing goo from the 70’s called Super Elastic Bubble Plastic (made by Wham-O!). It too starts as blob of putty-like material, but due to its extreme plasticity (and elasticity), it can be blown up into huge bubbles. I wish that stuff was still around. Sadly it was taken off the market in the early 80’s after the killjoys of the world pointed out that it gave off noxious fumes. Since when did those ever hurt anybody?

7 thoughts on “It’s just as much fun as frisbees!”

  1. Amazing we survived our childhoods, isn’t it? So glad I grew up in that era. I would have missed out on so much.

    1. Well that link didn’t work at all…

      It’s called ‘magic plastic’ now anyway.

  2. A few years ago, we bought some similar blue bubble-blowing goo at FAO Schwarz in NYC. Still noxious, but maybe not as much as when we were kids.

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