Is there an alternative to classic génoise?

So ask several readers who are interested in making a fraisier but have terrible luck with génoise. The answer is that indeed there are. The pastry world abounds with spongecakes of different kinds, many of them created for the express purpose of improving on the standard génoise, which many people find not only hard to make but dry. So I’ll use one for the fraisier, which I’ll admit I haven’t made yet. But I’m on the case!

7 thoughts on “Is there an alternative to classic génoise?”

  1. Perhaps it’s just my American palate being used to cakes that naturally contain more butter and sugar, but a genoise doesn’t do it for me. The texture makes me feel more like I’m eating sawdust than something lighter than air. Either that or I just have yet to come across a well made genoise. The truth probably lies halfway in between. 🙂

    1. I agree — typical genoise have always left me underwhelmed. I’d rather just have a good piece of pound cake and drink my liquor/coffee/tea separate.

    2. Hey, A!

      I took your comment to heart and just put up an alternative. Have a look!

      – Joe

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