Got called out on the road…

…but I wanted you to know I finally solved the sausage problem. I ordered a 2″ French garlic sausage for my sausage-in-brioche and at last got the proportion of meat to bread that I wanted. I know you were staying up nights worrying about that. So rest easy knowing the encased meat crisis is over.

6 thoughts on “Got called out on the road…”

  1. just a suggestion for a future baking project. you don’t seem to have turned your readers on to the revolution in choux pastry that has been going on in france over the last few years–topping raw choux and eclairs with a kind of sugar cookie dough or craquelin . it creates a more regular pocket and gives a pleasantly crunchy sweet crust. and it’s not hard to do. but like regular choux they’re still best eaten soon after being filled.

    scroll down and you’ll see some finished large choux and eclairs with this new kind of crust in a professional display as well as some that have just been put into the oven to bake.

    and here’s one recipe from my favorite french site for keeping up on the french pastry scene as well as adapting the recipes for home cooks. for authenticity it’s as close to the horse’s mouth as americans can get.

    1. That’s a technique that’s almost identical to melon pan. Very interesting. I was thinking of doing something with choux next week. I may just try this!


      – Joe

      1. i don’t think you’ve done a classic eclair au cafe either on this site. that’s a good review of working with fondant and how to keep it from losing its sheen or cracking.

  2. Oh thanks to whatever higher power one may believed. This’s been keeping me up at night worrying about how will I go on. LOL.

    Sorry can’t help myself whenever someone said crisis’s over. It’s looks great. Really enjoying all your posts. Well done.

    1. See, this is exactly the sort of thing I was worried about. I’m sorry for all the senseless pain I’ve caused you, Izzy. I’m a selfish jerk. Next time I set down to write a post about sausage I’ll make damn sure I have the right size before I start. Can you ever forgive me?

      And in a seriousness, thanks for the kind words.

      – Joe

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