Forgot to mention…

…the encased meats, which were also a key feature of the vacation. Get up there among all those North Europe-descended yoopers and Wisconsinites and no matter where you go the sausages are outstanding. I forgot how good kielbasa and eggs is for breakfast, or how almost poetic Braunschweiger can be when it’s lovingly smoked. Wow. Even the hot dogs were buttery and delivered in links. That, my friends is good eating.

Also, please be patient as I get back into my baking groove. When you’re gone for ten full days there’s lots to catch up on. I spent four hours today just answering all my email and responding to backed up comments. I haven’t even mowed the lawn yet!

5 thoughts on “Forgot to mention…”

  1. Hey Joe! It’s great reading about your vacation, and the lovely fish catching and the sausages! I never ate sausages much but I had a wonderful Lithuanian fried who was also my roommate eat them every meal and made me fall in lovely with them as well. Being the always hungry person I am, trying new food is something I love so I love trying out the recipes on your blog (:

  2. The other thing that I love from the UP & Minnesota’s Iron Range – pasty’s. There is a crust unlike your standard pie dough! And the filling should be lamb, onion and root vegetables.

    1. Oh yeah, I love pasties. I’ve been lucky to live in great pasty country a time or two in my life. I have recipes for them on the site if you’re interested!

      – Joe

  3. THANKS! It never occurred to me to search for them here. I love mine so I’ll have to compare.

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