Easy Marzipan

The truth is that sometimes I just don’t have time to go for the gold and make my own marzipan from scratch (i.e. from almonds). However there’s still value in doing it yourself, even if your base ingredient is store-bought almond paste. It just tastes better. All you need to do is combine an 8-ounce can of almond paste with 7 ounces (1 3/4 cups) of powdered sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle.

Beat that on medium for about three minutes until it’s got a crumb-like consistency, then add two tablespoons corn syrup. An egg white is the traditional moistener, but people worry about uncooked egg whites these days. It’s my opinion that no microbe could survive all this sugar, but use caution if you are inclined that way.

Knead all that together on medium-low until it comes together as a paste.

Turn it out on a board lightly dusted with powdered sugar and knead it a bit by hand.

Roll it into a log, wrap it and you’re done!

It’ll keep for about a week unrefrigerated, after which it will start to dry out. You can also freeze it for months if you like!

21 thoughts on “Easy Marzipan”

  1. So is that 2 T corn syrup AND an optional egg white, or 2 T corn syrup OR an egg white?

    And either way, this is the kind of application that liquid whites are just perfect for.

    1. Good question. It’s OR…an egg white or 2 tablespoons corn syrup. I’ll try to make that a little clearer. Thanks, Nicole!

      – Joe

  2. Gaawwd I love marzipan! My favorite thing since I was a little kid is marzipan tarts, tiny Swedish pies of joy. I started buying them from the Swedish bakery in my neighborhood but soon learned to make my own.

    1. I had to grow into marzipan, but now I can’t do without it. And homemade is the best!

      Thanks, Frankly!

      – Joe

  3. Marzipan is my very favorite candy. My Mom used to make those little colorful fruit shaped marzipan candies at Christmas. I think she must have used the packaged stuff for those. Whatever, I loved them. I know she didn’t have any equipment that would grind nuts. Now, I go to the See’s Candy shop and buy a pound of the dark chocolate covered marzipan when I get the craving! That’s something ‘cuz all their candy is so good. I’ve scoured the internet for recipes for marzipan and have saved quite a few, but I’m one of those afraid of the egg white ingredient and know I couldn’t get the nuts ground fine enough. Never through to use almond paste. Thanks, Joe.

    1. Hey Susan!

      Thanks, and don’t be afraid to use corn syrup instead egg whites!


      – Joe

    1. Yeah, fair enough Chris. I thought I hated marzipan for most of my life. Then I made it and my eyes were opened!


      – Joe

  4. Have you had German Kartoffeltrüffel, Joe? The tiny old time potato look- alike confections made of marzipan and rolled in a thin layer of cocoa mixed with Lebkuchen spices.

    1. I have not, Dani! Perhaps I will try them this season!

      Thanks for the idea,

      – Joe

  5. Hi Joe!
    How would you make it from scratch? And when I say that, I mean how would YOU make it from scratch. I have looked into the difference between German and French marzipan and am curious as to anyone else’s (who has the crazy to make their own!) experience? I have a Vitamix, so I know that I can ground the almond finely enough. I am wondering if a “sugar syrup”(cooked marzipan) is superior to other versions?

    1. Hey Rachel!

      I neglected to put up a link to my scratch marzipan recipe, but just went back and fixed it. Have another look. I don’t use a cooked syrup but rather powdered sugar. I think it’s a nice compromise, but a purist might complain. I think it tastes great, far superior to store bought and not all that difficult. As you’ve already intuited, the degree to which you can pulverize the almonds is the key. Let me know how it goes!

      – Joe

      1. Hi Joe!
        I am really thankful for the from scratch recipe you provided! I meant to reply at the time I made it, but had some technical difficulties and then gave up, until now! Great recipe-I am making more this week! …And talk about cost savings when you D.I.Y.!…

        1. Hey Rachel!

          Glad it worked so well! And it’s my very great pleasure. I love what I do!


          – Joep

  6. There’s nothing like collecting rose pedals at the end of season from your local rosegarden, when the pedals fall of the roses by just gently shaking them.

    Distill them in a pot (flip lid over and put ice cubes on top, a jar in the middle of the put propped up above the waterline to collect the condense essence).

    Crush whole fresh almonds in a food processor.

    Combine your rosewater, crushed almonds and the thick creamed honey from trader joes.

    Done, divine, try it you’ll love it 🙂

    (Marzipan came from egypt to europe, originally it was made with honey and was runny, using the thick creamed honey gives it its original divine flavor while staying a paste, also it will stay moist, yum!)

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