Early Summer Hiatus

It’s time for a little time off, ladies and gents. The pastry clan is taking vacation early this year, and none too soon. Between you and me, I’ve been working too hard at my day job. My tiny brain is as singed and crispy ’round the edges as that macaroon two posts down. So we’re heading to the north woods where, based on what I’ve been hearing, we’ll probably have to trade our swim suits in for ski gear. No matter, so long as I get to sleep ten hours a day. Back in two weeks with pavlova! – Joe

17 thoughts on “Early Summer Hiatus”

  1. Have a well deserved time off. I have a few questions about colonnade frosting when you return. Wishing you safe travels and good weather.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time. (Perhaps by the time you return the Odwella (sp?) ad will stop popping over your writing.) I do recommend a bottle of champagne for camping too, along with a strand of battery powered holiday lights.

    1. Great ideas!

      I should also say that my ad network is telling me that both the Odwalla ad (appearing on desktop machines) and the Macy’s ad (on iPads and phones) are now gone. I’ll leave that to you to verify!


      – Joe

  3. Pavlova? The dessert that Australians and New Zealanders both claim to be their own.

    This will be interesting 🙂

    1. Yes I haven’t researched that very well yet, so I’m reserving judgement until I can gather more facts. For now I’m remaining neutral, and assuming Switzerland invented it.

      – Joe

      1. Only the Kiwis think there is still a debate about who invented the Pavlova…

    1. Thanks Heather! We’re looking forward to getting up north in the next few days. Should be fun!

      – Joe

  4. Enjoy your break. I certainly understand how easy it is to get burned out. I hope your hiatus restores your vitality and vigor, not to mention your vim!

  5. I hope you’re having a great vacation. I have a question for you when you get back to civilization. I just baked a sour cream cake that called for 1 tsp baking soda to be mixed in with the sour cream and set aside for an hour, before adding it to the rest of the batter. Why do some recipes ask for that? It didn’t bubble up much, but I have to say the cake was very good. What is the difference between adding the soda to the sour cream separately, or adding it to the dry ingredients and then incorporating the dries into the batter? Thank you. And by the way, have you made a sour cream coffee cake lately?

    1. Hey Chana!

      I haven’t made one lately, and I should since now I’m hungry for one.

      As for the odd mixing, the only thing I can think is that the writer didn’t want the rise to be too strong, or only wanted the rising to occur in the oven. But it is very strange…to waste some of the “pop” like that. Weird!

      – Joe

  6. Chana, I’m not an exeprt baker like Joe but my experience has never been good with recipes that mix the soda and sour cream outside of the batter. I made a coffee cake just the other day (flavored with cardomom – yum) and had a really nice and even rise with the soda in the dry ingredients and adding the sour cream to the batter during the incorporation of flour – mix 1/3 flour into the creamed butter/sugar/eggs, then 1/3 sour cream, then more flour, etc. until all flour and all sour cream are in the batter.

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