Classic Literature, Original Gangsta

My favorite thing by far on the internet these days is Thug Notes, a sort of street hoodie’s Masterpiece Theater. It’s funny, but unlike the purely comic Drunk History there’s an important point being made beneath the jokes and crass language. Specifically, that great literature is neither dull nor hard to understand. Further, it explores themes that anyone can find interesting. How can you not love a show where the host says things like: Now you just ain’t been goin’ hard in the paint unless you realize how this play captures the ambiguity of modernity. Dr. Sparky Sweets deserves a whole lot more attention.

6 thoughts on “Classic Literature, Original Gangsta”

    1. Yeah I’ve watched each of these a couple of times. Can’t wait for the next one.

      – Joe

  1. I’m loving it. I always tell my students that classic literature (think Dickens) was the entertainment of the masses in the days before TV, movies, x-box etc.

    1. Amen and a great example! I always think of Miss Pross’ confrontation with the evil Madame Defarge at the end of Tale of Two Cities: “You will not get the better of me! I am an Englishwoman! I am your match!” You can just hear those Victorian Brits cheering at the idea that your average British nanny is tougher than any French arch-villainness. No wonder he was so popular! 😉

      Thanks, Ellen!

      – Joe

  2. I knew I loved this blog for all the right reasons! I have forwarded Dr. Sparky Sweets to my English major peeps who have driven me craaazy all these years. Thanks, Joe! My husband burst out laughing when I told him the tip came from your blog.

    1. Hehe…they got nuttin’ on my boy Dockie Sweets! But thanks, Melinda! You can always count on P-diddy for tha goods.

      – J

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