Butter Pats and Battleships Redux

Reader Melody wants to know why flour is added to the butter block at the beginning of the dough laminating process. Melody, I’m very glad you asked that. It all has to do with keeping the butter at the right temperature during the rolling and folding. If it’s too firm it’ll break and chip during rolling, rather than spread. If it’s too warm it’ll soak into the dough layers. A little flour extends the ideal temperature window. For more on how flour does that, check out this post right here.

4 thoughts on “Butter Pats and Battleships Redux”

  1. So does this mean that Project Kringle has a better chance of success of completion than project Habakkuk? Can’t wait to find out!

  2. Thank you so much for that explanation. I took a cake and pastry class last year (hence my searching for pastry recipes and my find your site) and that part wasn’t explained. So when i did my first laminated dough on my own i forgot to add the flour to the butter. I don’t have to tell you what trouble i had with that whole lamination process. I haven’t done another one since. Thanks again.

    1. Hey Melody!

      I think you’ll find that laminating is much more pleasurable with that little bit of flour in there. It makes a big difference. Let me know how it goes!

      – Joe

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