Back Soon

The rush of Christmas time is always followed by the even bigger rush of the birthday season (Mrs. Pastry and both girls have their birthdays shortly after). Which means I’m swamped. I’ll do my best to get a post or two up over the next couple of days, but for now it’s cake and candles as far as the eye can see. I’ll be back in earnest on Monday.

22 thoughts on “Back Soon”

  1. Happy Birthday to the ladies of the Pastry family! May your candles burn bright on one end and be covered in frosting on the other end! 😀

    All my best!

  2. Who makes the cake?? I guess we can take off from checking your site 3 times a day for what’s happening. Enjoy your time celebrating with the family!

    1. I’ll give you one guess, Linda! 😉

      Thanks for visiting so often. I promise more of my usual baloney soon!

      – Joe

    1. Thanks HBM…there’ll be something up in a few days. Once all the layer cakes are done!

      – Joe

    1. Hey Julie!

      I’ll do my best on that. Just scraps are all that’s left of two of them…we’ll see if I can get a shot or two of what’s to come before it’s served.

      And thanks for the well wishes!

      – Joe

  3. They are all really lucky girls to have a dad/husband with such talent. LETS HOPE FOR A NON MALFUNCTION bake, Happy birthday girls and enjoy xx

    1. Hey Ali! Only a few minor malfunctions, nothing too serious…it sure was a lot of baking…whew! Good to be back.

      – Joe

  4. My best to you and all your girls! We have a lot of birthdays in the first 3 weeks of January. Its nice in a way because there just isn’t that much to celebrate here on the frozen tundra.


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