At Last, a Rational Baker!

My new friend Amy has started a blog that I can already tell will be on my daily check list: Cooking, Rationally. She’s been baking up a storm so far, which has been great for me as I’ve already learned a lot from her relentlessly methodical approach. Keep up the good work, Amy!

And speaking of great blogs to check out, have a look at the delightfully named Egg Beat by pastry chef Shuna Lydon. It’s an insider take on the pastry world and a whole lot of fun!

2 thoughts on “At Last, a Rational Baker!”

  1. Do you have a blogroll or a category that points to other great blogs?
    That would be helpful for both research and new food (haha) for thought.


    1. Hey Uptight!

      I once had one, but it took too much time to maintain…checking them all several times a week to see if the links were still working and/or the blogs still active. And as I said: I’M lazy! 😉

      – Joe

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