And now…chicken pox.

Nope, that’s not an obscure choux-based sweet, it’s Pastry household reality. The girls have a case each, though quite mild because of modern-day vaccinations. Still it’s going to put a bit of a kink in the works I think. Blogging will occur as best it can between applications of calamine lotion.

18 thoughts on “And now…chicken pox.”

  1. Oh no! Today I was amazed to find out that in the high school classroom I’ve been visiting none of the students had ever had chicken pox. Vaccinations are amazing! (Although no chicken pox exposure here in El Paso may have had something to do with my shingles outbreak at the ripe old age of 26.)

    1. Yeah a lot of people are getting shingles young. I had them at age 40, which is still too young. As you can relate I’m sure, it was the single most painful episode in my life!

      – Joe

      1. I know what you mean! The tingling pain lasted for weeks after the blisters were healed.

        The virus decided to appear on my face, so I got it checked out fast. I thought it was a poisonous spider bite! My old doctor took one look and diagnosed me with shingles. To say I was shocked is an understatement!

        1. Oh Lord, thank goodness you got to it fast. When it’s in your head shingles is extremely dangerous…but I’m sure you know that already. Thanks goodness you came through it OK. There’s always lots to be grateful for! Cheers,

          – Joe

  2. Best wishes to your girls for a quick recovery. I had Chicken pox as a child (a long, long time ago) and the memory still haunts me.

    1. It’s mild for them as I mentioned because of vaccinations. My twin sister and I had them the same week when we were kids. Her case was far worse than mine: she had them on her eyeballs! And oddly, though we don’t live within 200 miles of each other, we got shingles the same month when we were 40. Weird!

      – Joe

  3. Time to break out the oatmeal! (Oatmeal baths for the kids, and oatmeal cookies for you and Mrs. Pastry 🙂 )

    1. Believe it or not, Mrs. Pastry and I both have a few ourselves…just a few, but…weird!

      – Joe

  4. lots of ice cream and promise of more kept me from picking at them and getting scabs 😀

  5. I wish your girls a quick recovery. One of my senior supervisors treathened the fear of God into me so i got vaccinated a couple years back when we had an outbreak. So i never got it. Take care of them Joe.

  6. Everyone says it’s better to go through it as a kid, so hopefully it’s over and forgotten soon. Reminds me of the time when I got it two weeks after my brother, and he always greeted me with ” Yep, your blisters are bigger than mine”. LOL

    1. If one gets the chicken pox from a sibling, the effects are worse as the virus has changed itself into more efficient against one’s immune system (as siblings have quite similar immune systems). For instance, I had only a couple of blisters and my sister, who got it from me, had loads of them.

      1. Very interesting. I got off light as a kid, but my twin sister was covered. I can’t say I recall who gave it to who!

        – Joe

      2. Not necessarily. My two older children had them at ages 2 and 4. The 2 yr old got them first, but because he was very fair, had them all over his body. His sister, who wasn’t as fair as he was, only had a few.

        1. Fascinating. Thanks, Marsha. So far we’re getting off pretty light.


          – Joe

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