About Yesterday….

I used up my blogging time with my youngest, little six-year-old Joan Pastry, who opened up her eyebrow playing at summer camp yesterday. The urgent care clinic got her (literally) glued back together…amazing what we can do nowadays, no? Anyway, trying to get back on track today. Thanks for your patience!

11 thoughts on “About Yesterday….”

  1. Poor kid! But how nice that there weren’t stitches.

    My son had his eyebrow stitched back together at about the same age. It may be comforting to know that the eyebrow does a find job of disguising scars.

    1. I have a knick in one of mine from a similar incident. But you can barely see it now…especially with some grey coming in! 😉

      – Joe

  2. Oh the joys of parenthood! My son opened up his eyebrow with the claw side of a hammer when he was a young one. They used glue then too! It healed up nicely, but he had glue in his eyebrow for a long time. I hope little Joan feels better today! Take Care Pastry Family!


  3. oh no! That sounds horrid…poor girl hope she is feeling better and at least has a groovy scar to show off for the ordeal.

    1. Thanks, Malini!

      She’s the type of kid whose knees are covered with boo-boos and who loves to talk about each one as though it was a medal of honor. I’m sure she had a good time today talking it all up!


      – Joe

    1. Yeah she got a pretty good knock on the noggin. But like any 6-year-old she was over it quick. She was anxious to get back to camp to tell the big story!

      – Joe

  4. Sounds like a chip (chocolate) off the old block (chocolate). Glad all is ok. Glue…amazing what they do now. Never had an eyebrow incident but I have this scar on my chin received from a bucking rocking horse. Well, ok…it was the stand that the horse rocked on…but being an old Western fan and growing up on Westerns as a kid … the story sounds better if the horse kicked you.

    Glad to have you back. I thought you’d been lured into the WI wilderness again!

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