A Little Housekeeping

Is anyone out there having trouble posting a comment? Also, has the Odwalla ad finally disappeared? I complained to my ad network about it and they said they’d take it off…but…you know.

14 thoughts on “A Little Housekeeping”

  1. I can comment, but the Odwalla ad just returned when I clicked over to your next post.

  2. I can perhaps comment? The first try didn’t work. And the Odwalla ad returned when I clicked over to your next post.

  3. The aforementioned ad has blocked me hitting the post comment on previous days and I’ve had to reload the page after copying my comment and doing it again before the ad gets in the way. No problem today.

    1. Nice to hear, Bronwyn! Maybe my developer worked a little magic. I don’t know!

      – Joe

  4. The new Macy’s banner isn’t that notable on the Mac but totally disruptive and annoying on the iPad.

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