Winter Cold Two-Fer

Well now my cold is in my lungs and I have bronchitis I think. Serves me right for not taking very good care of myself. What’s that I normally write about the male ego? I thought I was all but done until 5 or so when my fever shot up and I felt chilly.

You know you’re not yourself when you step out of a warmer-upper shower, your four-year-old daughter compares your anatomy to her naked Ken Doll, and you take it personally. I know it’s just the fever talking, but my eyes aren’t brown, dangit.

Looks like I’ll be strictly following the orders of the on-call doctor for now: ibuprofen, lots of liquids and a prompt trip to the doctor in the morning. I may get a little Q&A in tomorrow. We’ll see what the family medic says. Rats.

UPDATE: Doc says it’s the flu. That’s better than bronchitis, but I reiterate: rats.

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