Why not rice pudding?

Reader Dash writes:

Joe, I have a special favor to ask. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been trying to make rice pudding and have had a terrible time with it. I know you normally do “interesting” things, but can I prevail on you to please whip up a quick rice pudding for me, just because I can’t seem to do it?

Dash, there are many who’d dispute that my projects are interesting. But I love rice pudding and would be happy to make up a batch. Mrs. Pastry has been addicted to rice and beans ever since she spent time in the Dominican Republic in the Peace Corps, so we always have a little leftover rice hanging around. Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “Why not rice pudding?”

  1. One of my favorite desserts!! BTW, that annoying bar is back at the bottom of your page…just in case you want to annihilate it again.. Hope to try this one soon!

    1. Hey Linda!

      It’s back on the iPad? I saw something like it on the desktop version. I thought I’d finally put a stop to it!

      Thanks for telling me. Grrr….

      – Joe

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