What’s the relationship between bombes and pâte à bombe?

VERY perceptive question, reader Camille. Pâte à bombe is of course the delicious base of whipped egg yolks and sugar syrup that’s often used to make chocolate mousse. “Pâte” is variously translated as “dough”, “paste” or “mix.” And “bombe” as we’ve established pretty much just means bomb. I think the only possible explanation is that pâte à bombe is/was a base that’s employed in the making of dessert bombes.

But didn’t you say that bombes are classically made with ice cream and not mousse? To my understanding, yes. However you can use pâte à bombe as a base for ice cream. I’ve never tried that, but I’d be extremely interested.

2 thoughts on “What’s the relationship between bombes and pâte à bombe?”

  1. Gordon Ramsay has a few recipes for ice cream made with pate a bombe in his ‘Just Desserts’ – and I think Hugh Fearnley-Whittingsthall employs this method too. I tried sometime ago and the mixture came out voluptuously.

    1. Oh yes, that’s the ticket. I need to try that…though I could almost eat that stuff by itself!

      Thanks Henry!

      – J

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