What are “Peeps”?

Wow, this blog really doesn’t accommodate that color palette very well. But I hope, reader Karl, that this answers your question. I’m willing to bet that 99% of Americans know what a marshmallow Peeps are: little chicks made of marshmallow dusted with colored sugar, classically yellow, pink or purple. They usually appear in Easter baskets, though the Peeps line has long since transcended that particular holiday. These days there are Christmas Peeps (trees, reindeer, stars and snowmen), Halloween Peeps (jack-o-lanterns and ghosts), Valentine’s Peeps (hearts) and who-knows-what else.

Me I’ll always think of a Peep as an Easter treat, though I never really enjoyed eaten them all that much, honestly. Like a lot of people, I appreciate Peeps more for their nostalgic value than for their taste. They’re an emblem of childish glee, and who doesn’t need a little of that every so often? Let’s do this thing!

4 thoughts on “What are “Peeps”?”

  1. The true joy of Peeps lies not in the eating, or even in the nostalgia, but in the Peep Jousting!

  2. This year, since it has been so warm, so early, we made Peeps smores around the backyard fire pit. The sugar dusting carmelized into a crunchy glaze and made them extra naughty! Delightfully different and we felt like wicked (in a fun way), gleefully watching the chicks and bunnies morph in the fire before we smooshed them!

  3. The only way to eat them is to roast them over the gas grill till the sugar turns to caramel and they’re all soft inside!

    1. Interesting…I’ve never roasted a peep before. I’ll try that the next time I fire up the brick oven! Thanks, Catherine!

      – Joe

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