This Year’s Gingerbread House

I promised I’d put up a picture of this year’s effort, an accurate representation of the Pastry family home — and here it is, an absolutely photo-realistic edible representation of our hundred-year-old bungalow. People don’t realize how daring the architects and builders of central Kentucky were in 1905, but as you can see the details are competitive with the most extravagant motifs of Gaudí-inspired Catalan Modernism. Eat your heart out Josep Jujol!

Here’s the other side:

And the back. Note the intricate tile work reminiscent of the Casa Ametller by Josep Cadafalch:

It’s a heavy responsibility living in such an architecturally significant house. We scarcely dare hang even a Christmas wreath on the front porch, but as you can see we did. Here little Jo captured it in Twizzler and Lifesaver:

If you ever happen to be driving through metropolitan Louisville and come across us, feel free to take pictures, but please, try to refrain from posing on the lawn or porch as so many insensitive tourists will. Our house is a treasure we are all too happy to share, but we value our privacy.

12 thoughts on “This Year’s Gingerbread House”

    1. Once I was. Love that lighthouse on your site by the way. Maybe next year!


      – Joe

    1. Thank you, Julie, for all your participation with the blog! Happy New Year to you too!

      – Joe

  1. Heehee..all the architectural references kept me smiling. I am going to book a trip to Louisville before you start charging the tourists a visiting fee.

    And next year, I expect to see a Geodesic dome gingerbread house. Make Bucky proud.

    1. Wow…would that ever be fun — and challenging. A Buckminster Fuller Christmas would definitely be a great, nerdy twist on the holiday! And I know a guy who lives in one. By all means come by before we’re placed on the Register of Historic Homes.

      – Joe

      1. I’m in for next Christmas. I wonder how many photos will be needed to explain that building technique? I guess I have a year to find out.

  2. It’s Fabulous Joe! I make gingerbread houses with my kids (6) every year. I make them each a little one to decorate and a big one for myself and my husband. The kids get pretty creative and for one day we have a beautiful gingerbread village. The next day, it looks like tornado alley with roofs caved in and big chunks of candy missing from everywhere. It’s much fun and smells good too!

    1. Yes I have a couple of mini Mother Natures running around my house as well. There’s already been a little wind damage and I fear tomorrow, now that the twelve days of Christmas are over, we’ll see a typhoon.

      Thanks for the email, Eva!

      – Joe

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