This is turning into one of those projects…

Three more failed attempts at this ultra-simple bread and I’m starting to wonder if pão de queijo is possible without specially-ordered ingredients from Brazil. So far neither American-made tapioca starch nor Mexican-made manioc flour have performed as predicted/expected. Between the two the tapioca starch seems the more promising, but so far it’s not working in the proportions given in Brazilian recipes. One thing I learned today is just how fast tapioca starch gelatinizes once it’s moistened — instantly. If the milk/oil mixture is in the least bit hot it cooks on contact into a shiny, gluey mass. Kinda cool to look at but no good at all for baking. But I’m not beaten yet. I’ve got a few more ideas…

4 thoughts on “This is turning into one of those projects…”

    1. When it comes to these things, I don’t know anything at all, either. I’ll do my best with it!

      – Joe

  1. The shiny gluey mass is what you get when you make choux pastry too though and it’s excellent for that. You even cook it longer to make sure it is ALL gelatinised, wheat flour not being quite as instant at gelatinising.

    What are these things supposed to turn out like? Are they puffy like choux? I’m tempted to have a go myself, I have some tapioca starch in the cupboard.

  2. May I suggest tapioca starch from a Chinese market? I’ve never used it myself, but I know it’s used for sauces, tapioca balls (pearl tea or boba), and such.

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