4 thoughts on “Traveling the Kentucky Doughnut Trail”

  1. Where I live, the place to get doughnuts is The Great American Doughnut Shop aka GADS. They have delicious doughnuts, especially if you can get there while they are still warm. The family that owns the shop came to Kentucky from Cambodia, started GADS and keep it open 24/7.

  2. One thing that holds no weight (pun intended) with me–doughnuts. Just not one of my things but I know people love them. I’ve attempted making them before. LOTS of work. They are good on a chilly day but I could avoid them for the rest of my life and not feel any loss. Thanks for the info. I passed it along.

  3. What a great link! I fell down the rabbit hole and ended up reading about the cornbread suppers…how delightful 🙂 Need to host one of those myself. And a trip to Kentucky for those doughnuts.

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