Thanks, Kitchn!

The good folks over at kindly put up a link to me in their piece on French buttercream (you’ll need to scroll down a little). Who’d have ever thought I’d be mentioned in the same breath as Martha Stewart? As Lewis Carroll might say, curiouser and curiouser. Thanks everyone! And it’s very nice to be hanging out with you again, Jenni.

UPDATE: Their link seems to be broken…doh! For all those looking for the tutorial, you can find it right here.

12 thoughts on “Thanks, Kitchn!”

  1. The link doesn’t appear to work (unless there’s just something wrong with my computer!)

    1. I meant the link on to your site. Your link to thekitchn works just fine. 🙂

    1. Hi Tracy!

      The answer is no. However sugar is deadly to microbes. As for fat, well, bugs don’t grow well in it. So while a real French buttercream is technically a raw egg product, it is quite safe by most standards.

      – Joe

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