6 thoughts on “Speaking of France, Food & Politics…”

  1. I saw where Denmark repealed the tax it placed on food high in saturated fat.

    Nice to see some common sense, too bad the Danes can’t export that.

    1. Amen. But maybe they will. The state of the world is such that we have many more important things to do than pass laws about what sorts of fat people are allowed to eat. People are smart. They’ll wise up.

      I hope.

      – Joe

  2. That’s hilarious. Mr Nutella promises not to take the palm oil out of his chocolate spread, while here in New Zealand, Cadbury lost enormous market share when they decided to put palm oil IN their chocolate. They have since removed it. Not sure how many of the customers they got back; having discovered that Whittaker’s is pretty damned good chocolate, I think a number of them continue to buy it.

    1. It’s all about your point of reference, is it not? Very interesting, Bronwyn. Thanks!

      – Joe

  3. I read that, thought that I’d always found Nutella too sweet, and then remembered your home-made recipe. Yummm, may need to make some soon.

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