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If anyone out there has asked a question lately that hasn’t been acknowledged, please re-send and I’ll get to it. I’ve been under attack from some very clever spammers who either custom-wrote emails specifically for each post (impossible to believe) or have devised a fiendish algorithm that auto-fills blanks in pre-written messages. Either way, then end result is something like: “This Rigo Jancsi cake looks incredible! I’ve been wanting to make it for years but never had the courage!” I come close to approving it, then notice it’s linked to a Facebook account of an internet pornographer/prostitute. I’ve received about 1,000 of them in the past two days.

So do me a favor, all those who’d like to comment or ask a technical question: preface the text of your message with “Hey Joe,” or something like that so I don’t just delete it out-of-hand.

2 thoughts on “Spam Spam Spam Spam”

  1. “Hey Joe”

    Isn’t is annoying how these spammers are constantly bugging us just to try to trick us into giving their site a hit… or worse, giving us a computer virus? Sorry it is happening to you too.

    1. Comes with the territory, Brian. A pain, but the blogging life is worth it. 😉

      – Joe

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