Next Up: Whoopee Pies

The Baker in Need posts have prompted many, many requests for whoopee pies. Far be it from me to ignore the voice of the people — so whoopee pies it is! Oh and, sorry for the slow start after my return from Florida. I had a ton of commentary and email awaiting me. Back on Monday to make some whoopee!

10 thoughts on “Next Up: Whoopee Pies”

  1. Please ensure to include the history of the Whoopie Pie. Being from Maine originally, Whoopie pies are something commonly found in bakeries, convenience stores and in most down-east cookbooks. As I’ve traveled the states, it seemed no-one had ever heard of such whoopie. I’m curious.

    1. Should be a fun week, Shelly! I haven’t made whoopee pies in years. It’ll feel good!

      – Joe

  2. Excited for your post on whoopie pies! Made salted caramel ones this week and while they were good, the cakes had a slight weird aftertaste :S

    1. Hey Phoebe!

      Hm…I wonder why that would be? Wanna copy me on the recipe? I might have a thought for you on it.

      – Joe

  3. Hope you got the recipes I sent: Chocolate Whoopie Pies and Nan’s Brown Bread. Both are so yummy!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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