Next Up: Vol-au-Vent

I must have some readers planning to do some fancy entertaining this holiday season, because I’ve had three requests for these recently. Most people have seen vols-au-vent before: little (or large) puff pasty cases that hold fillings of various kinds, usually savory. Any ideas on such fillings — sweet or savory — are welcome. I’ve never done these before with homemade puff pastry, and frankly find the prospect a little intimidating. Which means this should be fun!

14 thoughts on “Next Up: Vol-au-Vent”

  1. Hi Joe, common fillings here are smoked fish in a white sauce, mushrooms, savoury mince (ground beef), for hot appetisers, or curried egg with paprika, basil pesto with pine nuts, asparagus with chopped ham for salad type appettisers

    I think the field is open for whatever filling you like, jelly with whipped cream, custard and almonds, ok, now I’m rambling.

    Have fun 🙂

    1. Oh…smoked fish. My grandmother used to get smoked whitefish from friends in northern Wisconsin. I’ve never tasted anything better. I may have to hunt for some for this, though. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Warren, as well as all the other terrific ideas!

      – Joe

  2. Smoked chicken mixed through a cheesy sauce, topped with cranberry jelly. Yum and seasonal.

  3. I started thinking of all the things you could do with Thanksgiving leftovers. Turkey salad with cranberry sauce drizzled over the top sounds best to me, or a play on a pot pie. For some reason puffed pastry to me just begs for pastry creme, ganache, and raspberries.

    1. Funny you should say that, Nic. Mrs. Pastry immediately asked me why I was wasting this delicious pastry on a savory filling. 😉

      You two are of like mind. The leftovers idea is inspired. Happy turkey day!

      – Joe

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