Next Up: Pão de Queijo

Brazilians, I have ignored you too long. It’s time to make amends.

5 thoughts on “Next Up: Pão de Queijo”

  1. Oh oh… You are ambitious!

    I will wait for this with anxiety. I want to see how you do it considering we do not find all the ingredients for Pão de Queijo here in US.
    And also, I wonder what recipe you will use. My mom has a couple. But she is from one region in Brazil. My dad says that the one from his state is the correct one. And then my husband, who is from the same state as my dad, but the south part of it, says his family recipe is the traditional one…

    1. Hi Denise!

      I have some recipes but I’m always interested in more! It’s impossible to get the cheese here, but I have some ideas about that as well. I’m open to any suggestions you might have.

      – Joe

  2. This is one of my favourite things, but I’ve only had great success making it from a mix. I’m more than ready to try again! Once a Brazilian student got her husband to bring me a (zip-loc, not branded) bag of tapioca starch and it lead to lots of questions from customs.

  3. I’m excited about this, too. I’ve made them once, for a friend who has celiac disease, and while on the outside they looked a lot like gougeres, the texture on the inside was a lot like rice cake. No idea if that’s how they’re supposed to turn out, but it certainly was surprising. I used tapioca starch rather than manioc flour, though, so maybe that caused me some problems.

    1. I guess I’ll find out as I move along here, Nicole! Thanks for the comment!

      – Joe

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