Next Up: Madeleines

What can I say — they’re a classic! Something every pastry baker needs in their repertoire, no? I hope to get a few made before I have to take off again, another short week darnit.

11 thoughts on “Next Up: Madeleines”

  1. Every time I’ve tried to make them the melted butter has sunk to the bottom of the mixture. Insufficient mixing, obviously, but a PITA to figure out how much is enough.

  2. Speaking of madeline’s, is the specialized pan really necessary? Or can they be produced with a muffin pan or cookie sheet?

    1. Hey Doug! I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary, no. However so much of a Madeleine is its aesthetic, I’d recommend the traditional pan.

      Thanks for the question!

      – Joe

  3. Yes! So excited that you are tackling this. There are a few pastry goods out there in the world that seem to elude me no matter how many times I try them, and madeleines are one of them.

    1. I haven’t made any in years, and then in a bakery…wish me luck! 😉

      – Joe

  4. I love Madeleines! I make them all the time. My sister dunks them in her tea (Shudder) and my Mother smears them with jam (or butter cream if I have left-overs), but I just eat them as is. They are so light and fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth. I have a standard recipe that I always use, so I can’t wait to see/try yours Joe.

  5. I made some last year and they were wonderful. Now I can’t seem to find the recipe, but it did involve letting the batter sit for quite a while. And the comments said they were best eaten within 2 days, so I put them into baggies, hopped on my bike and handed them out to the neighbors! They were just the regular old vanilla flavor, but whoa. They were delish!!

  6. Never made a madeleine.

    If I were to buy a pan would you recommend metal or silicone?

    1. In this case either one should be fine. I generally gravitate toward metal, but I know folks who swear by the silicone molds for these.

      – Joe

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