Next Up: Kringle

I hope. I’ve promised to deliver this, and I trust I can before the weekend is out. Right now I’m fighting my big oven…I choked the fire by accident, and unfortunately the bread dough is still rising no matter how much I shout at it to stop. If you’re passing through Louisville and happen to notice a blue cloud of obscenity rising over the Highlands area, that would be me. Back to battle…

UPDATE: This is going to have to wait for next year, I’m afraid. Very sorry, reader Catherine, but I ran out of everything: butter, flour, almond paste and above all time. I promise to take it up after the first when I get back!

4 thoughts on “Next Up: Kringle”

  1. I must ask: what type of oven do you have? Is it wood fired? All I got is my big ol’ Chambers B with a matching sink though the sink must sit in the yard as it was too big and high backed to put in the kitchen, if I did not want to block the window or have counter space instead of draining boards.

    May you have a peaceful holiday, with plenty of pastries, perfectly baked.

    1. Hey Naomi! My kitchen oven is a Frigidaire, but I have a big brick oven in the back yard. I try to do my bread baking out there since I can do about a dozen loaves at once. By when you have a bad fire day it messes everything up. I ended up getting about seven loaves out of the deal, which is more than I deserved considering how badly I managed that fire. Some days are just like that I guess. Argh!

      Have a Merry Christmas, Naomi, and a very happy new year!

      – Joe

  2. Oh Naomi… your bringing a tear to my eyes. I moved out of a house about a decade ago and left my Chambers Model C because the new house could not accomodate it. That was the best non-commercial stove and oven I have ever used. I miss it to this day.

  3. Nice. My yard is too small for such, but I’ve been trying to talk a neighbor into one.

    Brian, you ever figure out a way Chambers are all over New Orleans, along with O’Keefe and Merrit, even after the Federal Flood.

    Thanks, Joe.

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