Next Up: Chinese Pancakes

There are two reasons I wanted to tackle something different this week. 1.) I’m a little bored with sweet stuff that moment, but more importantly, 2.) It’s hot. Truly it’s much too hot to keep an oven running for more than an hour or so here in Kentucky, even early in the morning. Since no one here in the pastry household much feels like eating anything very sweet, rich or heavy, my thought is: what about changing gears completely and doing something that’s both savory and light? Chinese food came to mind (really American Chinese food, which is the only Chinese food I have any real experience with).

Put me in a Chinese restaurant here in the States and I’ll happily eat anything. However there are two menu items that I generally insist upon: spring rolls and moo shu pork. Both coincidentally require pancake-like encasements: spring roll wrappers and Mandarin pancakes respectively. Since I’ve been fascinated by thin pastry lately, the topic seems just about just perfect. Shall we then?

6 thoughts on “Next Up: Chinese Pancakes”

  1. …”Shall we then?” Yes, let’s!

    I’ve been intrigued by those scallion pancakes. The technique of rolling, spiraling and re-rolling the dough for that laminated effect has me buzzing with questions about the laminating process.

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