Next Up: Cannoli

Here’s a Sicilian classic that’s long overdue. Back home in Chicago people still travel miles to their favorite Italian bakeries to get their favorite version. Of course that’s also true in New York and other cities with large southern Italian/Sicilian populations. But I can tell you that as will the kolaczki I’m going to be feeling the home town pressure this week. If I screw these up I’m going to hear about it!

13 thoughts on “Next Up: Cannoli”

  1. I’m betting that there are a gazillion different interpretations of how cannoli is “supposed” to be made, but even so, I know there’s no way you’ll screw these up and they’ll taste amazing no matter what school of cannoli-making you are employing.

    1. I appreciate your faith, Ann…though it won’t stop the hometown crew from laying it on thick no matter what I do! 😉

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      – Joe

  2. I’m so glad you are doing this! I was actually going to e-mail and ask you about it. I made it a few weeks ago and the pastry was horribly dense and once they cooled they were ridiculously heavy. I cannot wait for this post!

  3. This is a worthwhile project for you to perfect and me to copy. Thanks for doing your part.

  4. I’m looking forward to this. Cannoli to me are things that Mafia guys in books bring to their friends in hospital. I have never seen one.

    1. I may be that guy in hospital if I don’t get these things right. I’ll be back in River Forest, Illinois staying with family next week…the historic seat of the Chicago mob. I don’t want any of Big Tuna Accardo’s family dropping by to point out my errors, knowadimean?

      – J

  5. While you’re at it…. How about a baked version of a cannoli shell?
    (Sorry. Oh Ye Purists, I know a cannoli must be deep fried, but I don’t do deep frying)

    It should be possible to bake something at least “cannoli-ish”.

    The Heckling may now commence

    1. Hm…I’ll give that a little thought, Paul. There must be some way to do that.

      – Joe

  6. I’ve only had Cannoli once when I was a teenager. We were on vacation in New York. My stepmom, who was part Italian, had a craving for them so we went to the nearest bakery to find them. I’m not sure how authentic they were, but the filling alone was incredible — definitely one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. I look forward to your recipe 🙂

    1. They were probably darn good, though. Some of the best cannoli ever come from a place called Veniero’s in the East Village. I don’t think you can make cannoli in the same town without them being at least passable. But I’ll do my best!

      – Joe

  7. I love cannoli!! Mike’s Pastry in Boston, Mass makes the BEST cannoli I have ever had. I have tried to replicate the filling at home and just purchased premade shells, but they never even come close to theirs. I would love to have a authentic recipe I could make at home. Good luck!

    1. I’ll do my best, Charles. Hope to get some frying in today, as a matter of fact.


      – Joe

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