Next Up: Apple Strudel

I’ve brushed this classic aside for too many autumns. This year I resolved to get after it early, and so I shall. Now is the time to strike since I’ve been so heavily into ultra-thin doughs this year. Austria, here we come!

5 thoughts on “Next Up: Apple Strudel”

  1. Happy week! I’ve been thinking that strudels are one of the dough types that I’d love to conquer.

    And apple strudel will make me less sad that berry/peach season is over around here.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try this. My maternal ancestors were from Germany and Luxembourg and my grandmother could make strudel. Alas, she never taught me the secret.

    1. I have as well. Honestly ultra-thin doughs caused me a little anxiety until I started gettin’ jiggy with them this year. Now I’m anxious to get started!

      Thanks for the note, Ellen!

      – Joe

  3. Ah, apfelstrudel! I am quite excited about this. I’ve always wanted to try making it but it always seemed too difficult and such a large project. Hopefully your tutorial will give me some confidence to try it!

    1. I hope it will give me confidence too, Julie! 😉

      We’ll see what happens!

      – Joe

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