For all you mad scientist bakers out there, now there’s a log book specifically created to help you capture ongoing experiments in pastry. It’s simply called the Baker’s Composition Book. I got one in the mail a few minutes ago and I can tell you I’ll be using it tonight! Thanks, reader Joe, you’ve created a real cool thing!

3 thoughts on “Neat!”

    1. Nice idea, Jake — an app. Very cool.

      Though for my part I’m too scared to bring my iPad into the kitchen. I know I’ll spill something on it.

      – Joe

      1. Have you seen these things: ?

        I started with the simple flip stand. A cookbook holder would work as well and you could protect it with a wipeable film like plastic wrap or even use a small piece of Plexiglass scrap as a barrier. Eventually, tho, I graduated to the cabinet mount that elevates the iPad to eye level and out of all harm’s way and still leaves it available for changing screens and making note. So totally worth the small investment I’ve gifted them to cooking buds.

        I also have all my recipes on my iPod so I can decide what I feel like making while I’m out and running around and pick up everything I’ll need so there’s no panic or second trip once I get home. I love my electronics. I love my cabinet mount. And I love my recipe database. It would be hard to justify saying that they’ve changed the way I cook but they certainly have added fun and convenience to it.

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