Macarons are hard…

…so whenever somebody finally succeeds after much trial and tribulation, I like to call attention to it. Julie over at Pass the Ketchup just turned out her first successful batch. As they used to say on Hee-Haw…sa-LOOT!.

12 thoughts on “Macarons are hard…”

  1. I also tried my first batch with your instructions a few weeks ago and they turned out perfectly.

    I think having pictures of the correct batter constancy was the real key. Overall the recipe didn’t seem all that bad.

    1. Hey Ryan! I don’t think it’s so bad either, but then I have a lot of experience with egg foams. I have a feeling you have as well. Plus macarons can be pretty fussy, won’t to fail for the silliest reasons.

      Glad yours worked out so well — thanks for the email!

      – Joe

  2. That’s true. it’s hard 🙁 the first time i did and they turned out to be meringue yet chewy 😐

  3. I got them down, finally! I tried several recipes and finally settled on one that is sort of a mix of different ones. I don’t even remember all my sources. I filled them with whipped ganache. Most of them are frozen now since sweets are not part of my days for a while…

  4. I am so bitter at you all for making first batches successfully! 😉 I’ve tried 7 and they all flopped in various ways… Well, maybe it’s actually time for my stubborn self to get a kitchen scale. haha!

  5. my macarons are beautiful and tasty but they are hard… too hard and i tried one of them when they were in the oven and they were perfect but i didnt know if they were done yet so i left them in three more mins and then they got really hard but then i made another bath and didnt leave them in three more mins and after i took them out in about 15 mins they turned hard like the first batch.. please help i dont know what i did wrong..

    1. Hi Veronica!

      Sorry to hear about the troubles. Can you define the problem just a bit more? Are they hard like candy? Or are they hard like a meringue cookie…more like a very firm foam?

      – Joe

  6. thankyou for responding! and they are hard like i burnt cookie like you could split them in half and they look hard and crumbly. although today i tasted them and they arent as hard… like they taste good.. do you know how i could prevent them from hardening in my next batch?

    1. Hey again!

      It sounds to me like they’re drying out somehow, which is probably a heat issue. Have you calibrated your oven lately? Do you think it could be running hot?

      – Joe

  7. Hi Joe,

    I have a problem whenever baking with egg whites. Every time I bake something which ingredient mostly contain large amount of egg whites (like macaron, angel food cake or just plain meringue) they always ended with same failure, which is they collapse in the oven.
    The first 4-5 mins in the oven they rise so beautifully and then when i came back checking it again they already collapsed.
    Could you point me where my mistake is? Is the temperature too hot? (I’m using confection oven set in 175C) or did i mess up when whisking the egg white into meringue?

    1. Hey Danny!

      A collapse is usually a symptom of an overly aggressive rise. The air cells expand faster than the structure around them can set up. The bubbles pop and, well…you get it. This could be caused by over-whipping, a too-hot oven or both. I’d suggest calibrating your oven as a first step. Put a thermometer in there in see how closely the actual temperature jibes with the temperature on the dial. My guess is it’s running hot. Lowering the temperature would be an easy fix. If that doesn’t work get back to me and we’ll see what we can do!


      – Joe

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