Invert Sugar Syrup

I’ve referenced invert sugar quite a bit over the last week. But did you know that you can actually buy it in a jar? You can. I did. Then I took a picture. This is nothing more than a plain ol’ everyday sucrose syrup that’s been heated and treated with an acid (tartaric or citric, probably). You can make this yourself of course, but some bakeries and/or confectioners would just as soon buy it pre-made. Who am I to argue?

6 thoughts on “Invert Sugar Syrup”

  1. r invert sugar and glucose interchangeable in recipes? (marshmallow, caramels, frosting…) tx, tracy

    1. Hey Tracy!

      To some extent, yes. They serve very similar functions in that they are crystallization inhibitors and keep sugar-intensive applications limber. However they do have some differences. Invert sugar syrup has more water than glucose. Also they have different tastes as I mentioned. Invert sugar will taste quite a bit sweeter than glucose syrup. But if you’re only adding a small percentage to a preparation you can probably get away with it.

      Cheers and thanks for the question!

      – Joe

  2. THANK YOU for presenting this sweet information so clearly. I’m also working on understanding interchangability in recipes between corn syrup, glucose and invert sugar.

    1. It is my pleasure, Marcel. Let me know if I can be of any help to you as you proceed!

      – Joe

  3. How does the price of the pre-made you found compare with the cost of making it yourself? From what I’ve seen on-line, it’s much more expensive than the DIY version, which basically makes itself. And if you stock up on sugar when it’s on sale, DIY is very cheap indeed.

    1. There’s no comparison: home made is far cheaper. Excellent point. But there definitely is a market for it in some quarters.

      Thanks Candide!

      – Joe

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