Humble Pie, Simpson’s Style

There’s no take-down quite like a Simpson’s take-down. Now they’re on to foodies, and well, this show where Marge, Lisa and Bart become food bloggers is a must-see. My favorite line of the episode: “Come on, be a foodie, dad! You’re already a fatty and a drunkie!” Thanks for the hat tip, reader Lee!

5 thoughts on “Humble Pie, Simpson’s Style”

  1. OH my word that is hilarious 🙂 I’ve got to show this to the fiance. He and his dad are huge Simpson’s fans!

    1. Isn’t it? I watched it a couple of times so I could get the jokes in the posts. “Buffalo cheese on an ostrich burger? It’s like a zoo exploded in my mouth!”

      Many chuckles over that one.

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