How do you say “eek!” in French?

Reader Lee alerts me to the initial reactions to the new Pierre Hermé Pastries, which technically isn’t out yet but which is available on Amazon. Apparently the book, while visually stunning, is rife with recipe and language errors. Of course errors are nothing terribly new in the realm of celebrity cookbooks, nor among cookbooks translated from other languages. I guess in this particular instance the combination is pretty devastating. It would be a shame for an average cookbook author, but it’s inexcusable for a pastry chef of Hermé’s renown. That’s gonna hit him where it hurts the most — right in the brand!

One thought on “How do you say “eek!” in French?”

  1. There are several ways this could have happened but, assuming the original is not like this, the fault lies with a published who was either too lazy or too cheap to do the translation correctly. The bad reviews will lead to poor sales confirming the publishing houses decision do do a half-assed job

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