Hold your horses…

I think I need to change the caramel cake layer recipe. The first run-through went well enough, however the layers are so heavy that I just don’t think I can live with it. I mean, a stick of butter per layer…yow. So I’m taking out one stick of butter and replacing the heavy cream with milk. Not because I’m some sort of health nut, Lord knows. But there’s a limit to how much milk fat even I can tolerate. Let’s see how it goes the second time around.

5 thoughts on “Hold your horses…”

    1. Heh…but you’re not alone. I heard from several other butter & cream lovers overnight crying foul! 😉

      – Joe

      1. I do get what you mean. After a while, you can’t even eat something, it’s so rich. Mind you, I generally struggle through.

  1. Hi Joe,

    You reminded me of a question I’ve been meaning to ask. When a recipe calls for heavy cream or a specific type of milk like whole, what are the pitfalls of substituting a lower fat product (say half-n-half for the cream and nonfat for the whole)?


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